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Friedens confesses the Triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In our preaching and teaching Friedens trusts the Gospel as the power of God for the salvation of all who believe.
Crown of Thornes


Jesus Christ is God's Son. He lived a sinless life, then gave that life for our sins. We put Jesus at the center of our worship. And, we do our best to live Christ-like lives.  Read more.

Crown of Thornes

Faith Can Make a Difference

We are, by human nature, sinful. We make mistakes. But, God forgives us. That forgiveness comes from God's grace, not from any actions we can take.  Faith in God's grace allows us to live in confidence that we are forgiven.  To read more, click here.

Crown of Thornes

Scripture, Creed, and Confession

Scriptures are gathered into a book called the Holy Bible, which is the word of the Lord. Through reading and hearing the scriptures, living Jesus' teachings, and praying, we grow in faith.  By human nature, we are prone to sin.  Confessing our missteps allows our sins to be wiped away.  Jesus made that possible by the cross.

To read more about scripture and find links to more about creed and confession, click here



Crown of Thornes


Prayer doesn't have to mean kneeling with your head bowed and your eyes closed. Prayer is conversation with God. God hears you when you pray – even if that prayer is uttered while walking, driving, or doing the dishes. Wherever you are, God hears your prayer.

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Crown of Thornes


Through reading, Christians grow their relationship with God. Reading the Bible is an important part of understanding God's will. Writings by other Christians stretch our understanding through the perspective of another Christian.

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Next Steps...

Starting out on a journey can be exciting, or it can be frightening. Starting out with friends can make it more exciting and less frightening. Be assured, we are with you as you begin your journey.

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8:30 AM Service

Our life today reflects inevitable change.  We experience adventure and flexibility as part of our normal life.  The 8:30 Sunday service starts the week early and is different each week.  It reflects the theme of the day's scripture in various ways such as interactive prayer, praise, and song.  Covid's restrictions have presented challenges but we are moving toward a more active “normal".  Check out an archived worship service here

11:00 AM Service

The Sunday 11:00 AM service embraces the traditional prayers and practices of the church.  New insights come from re-examing the meaning of words we have heard many times.  If you prefer predictable worship of traditions that have been passed from generation to generation and find these sustain you as you go through life, this is the service for you.  Check out an archived worship service here.


All our regular worship services, special services including some funerals are live-streamed.  For many reasons, this may fit your needs.  If you work from home, travel, or cannot be present in person, the archived services are available 24/7 from the video archive, Youtube or Facebook.  You can connect to God and your church through technology to allow a connection with you and the Holy Spirit.  Check out the archived service here.