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Journey Step #1: Come to Know Jesus

Jesus?  The giver of life and all good things.  

Before walking, we crawled and that is how it is with getting to know Jesus.  Jesus is the Son of God that was sent as a man to walk on this planet and teach us (and generations that followed) the ways of His Father.  He was the only perfect person because he obeyed his Father.  

Now, how about those daily stresses and responsibilities?  Do they seem to be more than you can handle?  In addition to just a daily routine there are the stresses of the pandemic, other health issues, financial issues, caregiver needs, racial unrest, a volatile economy, disruption to our work and school schedules, and a turbulent political landscape.  

Naturally we rely on friends and family.  They always have an opinion and an answer including - "just get over it."  We do find comfort in their support and advice but the issues still confront us.  The really good news is that there is someone who cares for you, even more than those in your inner circle and your furry companion.  He loves you, is watching out for you and knows your thoughts and capabilities.  He wants to be your best friend.  He is Jesus.

Jesus is not just a name in a 2000 year old book.  Jesus is a real person.  He came to show and share how much God, our Father in heaven, loves us and looks after us. He taught us about his Father, God and showed us the benefits of living a God-honoring life.  This upset a lot of people in power so they had him killed—a public execution called crucifixion.

Jesus lay dead in his stone carved tomb for three days.  On the third day, God raised Jesus from the dead and gave him a body that would never die. He appeared first to a disciple named Mary then to the rest of his disciples to show us that nothing can separate us from God.  God’s love is the single greatest force in our world, even conquering death. 

You are invited to enter into God’s love by a relationship with Jesus that starts with simply asking Jesus to enter into your life.  I’ll do that in a minute.  But first let me share how knowing Jesus actually helps you with all your daily stress. 

Jesus is your friend. He is always available to you when you want to talk.  If you let him, he will teach you different ways to respond to all the stresses of life. He will introduce you to other people who enjoy his company.  They may have the wisdom you need to find help with your troubles.  Even if they don’t have the wisdom to help find answers to your questions, they will certainly walk with you so you are not alone in your struggles. 

So if you don’t know Jesus or only know about him, I want to encourage you to reach out to him by talking to him in prayer or reach out to us so that we might help you get to know him. You’ll never find another friend like Him. 

If you are ready to start slowly into a relationship with him, please pray (talk to God) with me.

Lord Jesus, I invite you to enter into my heart.  I accept you as my Lord and Savior.  I have much to learn, but I trust  you will show me  the way. In your name I pray,…Amen. 

If you prayed, congratulations!  You’ve taken another important step on the path of following Jesus.  Let us know if we can assist you as you start a new life following Jesus. 

If you are curious about what’s next, click on the prayer and reading sections on our home page. They will get you started on some spiritual practices that will help you come to know Jesus.  When you are ready, check out Step #2: Come to worship Jesus. 

Journey Step #2: Come Worship Jesus

Welcome.  There is so much more to a walk with Jesus.

If you have spent time talking with Jesus and His Father, you have come to realize that you are more likely to continue your walk and talk with others.

That is why our spiritual journey with Friedens includes worship (the expression of reverence or appreciation for a deity).  We do this in many ways.  The Sunday Services are public.  You do not have to buy a ticket or make a reservation.  Just come as you are: 8:30 or 11:00 am.  Open your mind and heart to experience the presence of God.

Entering the church:  This is your desire to be in the presence of Jesus and His Father and others.  Don't be afraid.  We are all sinners and have loads of baggage to lay on the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  You are welcome because you are a child of God.  We follow Covid precautions.  On the right is a small table with bulletins, a communion pack, masks, hand sanitizer and other items all for your use.  The offering plate is on that table.  Feel free to fill out a welcome card / prayer card and place in the plate.  That allows us to pray for your special needs with you.  Find a seat - anywhere.  

We will sing, pray, hear a reading from the Bible (a book holding God’s Word), hear a message about Bible and life, pray, standing up and sitting down several different times.  When we get to the Lord's Supper (Jesus' last meal with his disciples).  (The words are on the screen.)  Pray and listen as you read them. Then we actually eat the wafer from the pack when you are told to “eat this bread” and “drink this cup”.  (The pack can be a little difficult to remove the plastic covering the wafer.  It is ok to loosen it before the communion time).  That is the act that reminds us of Jesus and the struggles he knew he must face and that he wanted to do it with his disciples.  We give thanks for his sacrifice and are dismissed with the words: “Depart in peace, Serve the Lord.”

You are on a journey with Him.  Reflect on what you have heard and take it with you each day of the week.  See you next Sunday!!

Remember: Worship is an offering—giving God a little bit of ourselves in thanks and praise for all the ways He has been with us and blessed us.  In addition to giving to God, we also give to each other.  We have a chance to give ear to those who need someone to listen; we have a place to share the joys and surprises; we have a time set aside to make new friends.  Just as we share in the life of God, we share in each other’s lives.  So time spent in worship is really important.  Some say they are energized for the week when they give their hearts to God in worship.  And we want you to have this kind of life changing experience as well. 

If you have not yet, I want to encourage you to take the worship step.  Online or in-person, I pray you encounter our Lord, Jesus, in a way that is helpful.  Ready for Step #3: Come to Serve Jesus.?

Journey Step #3: Come to Serve Jesus

The spiritual journey with Jesus is a lifetime commitment.  It requires listening for His directions.  All of us are needed.  There are many ways to serve.

When we talk about coming to serve Jesus, we actually begin by recognizing that Jesus is that best friend who has done the impossible for us.  He gave Himself on our behalf so that we might be right with God.  He is our brother whom we can count on to be there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on or help navigating a complex problem or an ear willing to listen.  Jesus is in our corner walking with us as we are walking with Him.  Jesus is constantly looking to serve you because He loves you.

How do we respond to such amazing love…amazing grace?  We love Him back.  We look to serve Him.

Now Jesus is really clear on what it means to serve Him.  In the New Testament of the Bible in the book of Matthew in the 25th chapter, Jesus says when we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, welcome the stranger, and take care of the sick—when we care for the least of these who are members of His family, we’ve done it to Him.  When we help others with their needs, we are really caring for Jesus, and at the same time making the world a better place. 

If you are ready to serve Jesus, help someone with their need.  You can do that right where you are.  You don’t need to be near Gibsonville, NC participating in our church to serve Jesus.  Christ-followers are those who look to serve their Lord Jesus by helping right where they are. 

If you are close to Gibsonville, NC, click on the “Get Involved” button or “Get Connected—Volunteer Opportunities” drop downs.  Getting involved and connected in service is a great way to get to know people while you are lending a helping hand to others.  Maybe you see a need that we don't address.  Wonderful.  Contact us.  We’d love to chat with you and meet needs. 

Friends, your journey is just beginning.  Come to know Jesus, worship Jesus, and serve Jesus.  And may you be drawn into a relationship with him that makes a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. 

Step # 4 Being a Disciple Maker

Journey Step #4: Being a Disciple Maker

Becoming a disciple maker requires sharing what we know and have learned from Jesus with others.  I don't mean we have to be a teacher as defined in the traditional sense.  You are not required to stand before a group of people and espouse your knowledge.  Rather, most opportunities are not in a formal setting but in day to day living - by example.  

When my daughter learned to tie her shoes, she didn’t just show me she could do it.  She had me untie my shoes, then she taught me step-by-step how to tie my shoes. She made me a disciple so I could go teach others to be disciple makers (and teach them by showing how to tie their shoes.).

Those who know, worship, and serve Jesus look to mentor others in following Jesus in a way that those they teach might do the same. We call this “passing on the faith.” 

We are happy to spend time with you and in the presence of Jesus as you continue on the journey of life in this world, preparing to be with Him for ever and ever in life everlasting.  Amen.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us and let’s have a conversation about creating disciple makers.