Christ in the Center


Why do we do the things we do?  We typically act based on what means the most to us in the moment.  The challenge is trying to understand ourselves and make helpful changes.  This challenge is like trying to catch a greased pig.  The minute you think you’ve got it, it slips away.

However, when an experienced person gives you help and advice, the pig is catchable.  Knowing yourself and making helpful changes is catchable too.  For us at Friedens, Jesus is that person giving us help and advice.  We give him center stage in our lives.

Why would you want to invite Jesus into the center of your life?  Why would you follow him?  He loves you.  He loves me.  He calls together people to form spaces where people can be themselves, be honest, receive help, and begin to heal from the wounds people inflict.  Jesus gives us the abilities and tools to reshape our lives and experience peace, joy, and hope.  The way is hard, but you will not walk it alone.

Join us by putting Jesus at the center of it all.  You will be a blessing to yourself and make an impact in your world.  Ready to get started?  Continue on to Next Steps