Grow in Faith Through Study

Reading God's Word from the Bible

Growing up, you may have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”  Science has shown generally that a person who consumes fruits, vegetables, lean meats, while limiting starches, sugars, and fats is more likely to have a stronger, healthier body.

The same is true for your spirit.  You are generally stronger and healthier mentally, intellectually, and even emotionally if you consume large helpings of God’s Word found in the Bible.

The Bible is a collection of books written over thousands of years by people inspired by God to tell of God’s love and care through history, stories, poetry, prophecy, wisdom literature, and statements of trust in God.  As Christ-followers (Christians), we read this book regularly.  Reading this book, we learn to recognize God’s “voice” and give God a chance to speak into our lives. 

Now the Bible is a big book. Here is a reading plan to help you get started.

1.  Luke— helps you understand who Jesus is.

2. Genesis— helps you understand who God is and who we are.

3. Matthew— helps you know what it means to follow Jesus.

4. Exodus— is about God’s great rescue and foreshadows Jesus.

5. Acts— is about the gift of God’s Spirit to the early church.

Have fun feasting on God’s Word.  May your spirit be strengthened as you digest what it teaches you.  May you find renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. 

Read a little, read a lot. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything you read.  That will come in time.  Simply read and allow God’s word to shape what you think, what you say, and eventually how you live.