What Difference Can Faith Make?

To have “faith” is to trust and believe that practice or person can make a significant impact in your life, positive or negative.  Most everyone has faith in something.  Some people don’t venture out of their homes on Friday the 13th because they have faith that something bad will happen to them.  A baseball player taps his toe three times as he settles into the batter’s box because he believes the toe-tapping helps him make better contact. Some people believe their work is making people’s lives better so they make incredible sacrifices to promote their company. 

For Christ-followers (Christians), we have faith in Jesus.  That is, we trust what Jesus says about God, our Father in heaven is true.  We believe the commands he gives us will lead to life abundant in blessings for us and for those we serve.  We trust the witness of those early disciples who encountered Jesus risen from the dead three days after being crucified.  We believe that Jesus lives in our hearts through the Holy Spirit given to us. 

To have faith in Jesus is to have your perspective on life and how you live it changed to fall in line with God’s desire for you to experience his love, forgiveness, and compassion every day.  As you are filled with God’s love, you are able to share that love with others and enrich their lives with the same blessings you are experiencing. 

Can living a life of faith make a difference?  You bet it can.  If you would like to share more about how faith in Jesus can change your life for the better, contact us.  We’d love to hear your story and share it with you.